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GMD Investment Opportunity

   With the shortage of new homes in our country’s South Eastern mountain region, real estate opportunities are now heating up.

    At GMD, the focus will be to further develop our footprint for property acquisition in this area, and for this we are opening opportunities through our GMD Property Select online portal, available for investing partners with an keen eye on property development and acquisition.

    By in short, the value in this region is ripe for living and estate investment planning. The trending has been set over these past years and the door to great opportunities will soon begin to close. If history speaks, investment property is and will always be a golden opportunity, just do your research.

    The traffic to the North Georgia mountain region has historically attracted literally millions of vacationers to this great and beautiful area and as well many seniors in a recent retirement boom.

    With a rash of coastal hurricanes over the past years and this tragic new age Pandemic, it is areas such as these, that are creating a safe haven for the body and soul, while keeping your money safely in the ground of quality real estate investment.

   Recent events have further attracted a greater concentration of American tourism and relocation from America’s large cities to new urban areas such as these. With close proximity to major cities and airports and central to five adjoining states, convenience to a quality lifestyle still exists and if pure nature is what you desire, with a splash of cosmopolitan, this area is for you.

    Now, about GMD:

    GMD is the financial arm in property acquisition, and parent company to Canopy Life Georgia LLC,builders of fine mountain homes.

    GMD is offering limited investment partnerships for purchasing of future acquisitions of merit, through its online Investment Portal, GMD Property Select.

   GMD Property Select, and its industry experts will lead in identifying such properties and offering GMDselect members the ability to participate in a cash raise for property acquisition, by way of Limited Partnerships and return on investment business model.

   GMD Property Select, will present each individual property, creating an Investment Opportunity listing portal, identifying the property, objective, set a Value Index to each Investment Opportunity, indicating the level of potential and return on investment for that offering.

    The Investment Opportunity is similar to an MLS listing that includes, pictures, maps, surveys, specifications, asking price, offering price and expected closing price along with tax history, location and all other pertinent information of said property and further setting a vision for this acquisition.

    Member investor requirements, such as minimum and incremental capital investment requirements needed, investment term, and projected return on investment, will be established in the GMD online contact investor form, and act as input to an investor agreement.

   GMD, online contact, Investor Form, is to be filled out by interested members and returned to GMD for review.

   If deal is accepted by both parties, an attorney will be assigned to overview details of engagement and sign-off on investment.

   As an added investor protection, the creation of an LLC will serve as the legal instrument to each investment partnership, specifying ownership of property along with GMD and or its members, through contract, agreements, deeding, title, leases, or joint venture contracts.

    GMD, as the developing agent, will have a right to collect an agreed fee from members purchasing acquisitions presented by its development service.

   So, when you are ready to explore a most rewarding property investment opportunity in North Georgia Mountain real estate, give us a call, or visit us, and take a step into the world of Georgia Mountain Developers.

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